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Our Dental Practice

      Excellence in dentistry begins with a careful diagnosis and treatment plan. The most important service we provide is a thorough and complete examination of your teeth, gums, bite, joints and soft tissues. We will utilize appropriate radiographs, photographs and study models to identify areas of concern. We believe that a comprehensive exam is the cornerstone of quality dentistry.

Treatment Plan:
      We will review with you the findings of your examination, inform you on the treatment necessary and evaluate treatment alternatives. Together, we will develop a treatment plan to address your immediate problems, and we will also discuss a long-term plan for your health. We believe it is important for you to complete your treatment plan and to control any existing disease or problems.

      Our practice is centered on prevention and health. The best way to protect and maintain your teeth and gums for a lifetime is to practice good oral hygiene daily and to have your teeth professionally cleaned at regular intervals.

We are committed to making time to treat the emergency needs of our patients who have been seen in our practice during the past year.  

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